Climbing: A New Love


A little over a year after I start climbing again.   More consistently
this time, and I’ve finally completed my first v4 last week! Now, the first time I
climbed was years ago, but it was very infrequently. Gradually, I
climbed once a month, or once every few months, until I started my gym
membership at hangar in 2014. Toward the end of 2014, I finally
completed my first v3, but fell and sprained my ankle bouldering.
Falling 8 feet, that really sucked! It took about half a year to
recover, and my confidence was shot to hell. Honestly, I didn’t think
I’d want to continue climbing again. I’d never broken or sprained
anything to this extent, and I was pretty scared. For month, that
meant no gym, no running, no yoga.. and no climbing.

Fast forward to beginning of 2016, my ankle felt much stronger, I moved
close to the rock gym, and I kind of missed climbing.  Started my gym
membership again, and started from the bottom: VB. This time around, I
was super careful, very afraid of falling and injuring myself again.
It was a much slower progress this time around, but my technique was
better, so I had confidence in that.  In the past 2 weeks I finally
climbed a v3 again, and completed about 3 or 4 routes.  My goal was to
complete a v3 by the end of the year, so naturally you can imagine how
excited I was to complete that v4.  Surprisingly, I wasn’t even
planning for that route, but saw a good beta and it seemed doable.  And if
it seems doable, it’s probably is.

I’m really starting to enjoy climbing, to my surprise.  Then again, I never expected to enjoy the outdoors either.  It wasn’t until that one weekended I snow camped in the middle of winter at Grand Canyon back in 2010.  I can still remember how in awe I was of the world we lived in, gazing up at the million of stars twinkling in the dark, dark sky.  It was an incredible feeling, one I won’t ever forget.  And that was 7 years ago!

This year, my goal is to finally climb outside, and to continue exploring the outdoors.  We have Banff on the schedule for this Spring, and I can’t wait to see what’s out there.



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