Dubrovnik, Croatia: King’s Landing (Game of Thrones)

Our last stop in Croatia, Dubrovnik!


View of Dubrovnik from the top of the walls

At DBV, having another cup of cappuccino while for my flight back to Zagreb.  Coffee is much cheaper here, cappuccinos run about $1.50-$2, compared to $4 in the states.  Don’t expect much for iced drinks though, they don’t typically serve iced lattes. As for iced coffee, I paid 90kn for 2 at the old city, which equals to about $14, $7 per drink! Next time, don’t purchase anything without asking the price first.

The boyfriend already boarded, as he has an earlier flight and I’ll meet him there.  After dinner tonight, he’s boarding a train to Switzerland then Austria for another week, while I take a flight back to the states.


Tickets to walk around the wall in the old city

Dubrovnik is a beautiful, old city, but very crowded.  We were able to walk the walls of the old city as planned, and it was quite an experience.  Of course, there were multiple GoT (game of thrones) walking tours, but we opted to have our own walking tour.


IMG_9927.jpg King’s Landing!


It took us about 2-3 hours to finish the walls, including breaks for fruit drinks and ice cream along the way.  The weather was humid, and in addition to the thousands of visitors, made it for a very hot, sweaty day.
Previously, we stayed at Airbnbs for the trip, but we opted for a luxury apartment near the coastline for Dubrovnik.   The lodging was nice, and in a great location- about 3km by bus to the old city, and walking distance to the promenade and beach.


Our stay at L’Orangerie


We discovered a natural cave bar at the nearby beach, which was one of the most unique places I’ve ever seen.


Cave Bar More, a natural cave!




We had fruit drinks there during the day, and dinner at the promenade at night.  For dessert, we had tiramisu at the most amazing restaurant overlooking the sea, Sphere.  After discovering the coastal walkway to the cave car and Sphere, I’d have to say the view it’s even more amazing than Split.  Definitely a highlight of the trip!


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