LA x Death Valley



Earlier this month, the boyfriend and I took a weekend trip to Death Valley.  We, like many others, went to check out the “bloom” in the park.  Since “deva” (aka Death Valley) is typically very dry, you’ll see brown almost all year long.  During “bloom” season, wildflower grow and sprinkle colors throughout the park.

Although the bloom’s peak was a few weeks earlier, we were lucky enough to see yellow, white, and purple flowers.  Thanks for ranger Rick at the visitor station, we knew to stay away from the purple ones since they were poisonous!


Interestingly, I enjoyed deva more than I thought it would.  Some of the weekend highlights were the salt flats (lowest point in the U.S.!), artist palette, the art show, and the ranch.  We attended an evening show on the history of Scotty’s Castle, and the story itself was interesting. Our host though, was rather dry in his delivery.  Unfortunately, Scotty’s Castle is temporary closed due to a recent flood, and won’t re-open for 2-3 more years.


Since it’s still winter, we camped at the grounds and didn’t have too much trouble with the weather.  In fact, besides the day being a little too warm, the night was perfect.  It was about 50 at night, so if you have a sleeping pad and warm sleeping bag, you’re set.



Overall, a nice weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.  About 3.5 drive from LA, and you can get back in time for work Monday morning.



Until the next adventure, cheers!


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